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Supporting a Strong Co-operative Sector

Meridian is owned by our Members. As a cooperative business, we work to make the best products and services available to our Members, so we want to support other cooperatives in doing the same. We are actively involved in building a strong co-operative sector in Ontario and across Canada by increasing the awareness and understanding of the advantages of co-operative businesses. We firmly believe that this approach to business, where decisions are not driven solely by profit, is more sustainable and better for our Members and our communities.

Co-operative Young Leaders (CYL) Program: Run by the Ontario Co-operative Association, CYL has all the things that make summer camp fun—hikes, campfires, swimming, volleyball. But CYL offers so much more! Students aged 14-18 learn how to be a leader and a team player—how to co-operate, solve problems, and even start their own co-op enterprise! Meridian is proud to be a sponsor of CYL and send interested youths to the program each year. If you are interested in applying you can learn more on Meridian’s CYL page.

Co-op Connections Regional Roundtables: In 2015, Meridian was a presenting sponsor of the Ontario Co-operative Association’s Co-op Connections Regional Roundtables. Over 1,200 individuals, representing 25 sectors and nine government agencies participated in over 30 roundtables, 23 training sessions and six conferences, which were held across the province between September 2014 and March 2015. The regional networks that have developed will continue to allow co-ops to learn from and support one another with location business issues and building awareness of co-ops overall.

All 4 Each: Working with the Ontario Co-operative Association, Meridian is helping to deliver All4Each in Guelph-Wellington area schools. All 4 Each is a program for high school students that teaches them about co-operative businesses, the benefits of co-operatives, the differences between banks and credit unions and financial literacy skills.