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Meridian's Commitment To Communities

Meridian exists to help lives grow. One of the ways we help lives grow is through Meridian’s Commitment to Communities. We uphold this commitment to support our local communities across Ontario, where we can all build better, more prosperous lives.

As part of this commitment, we invest a minimum of 4% of pre-tax earnings in initiatives that benefit
Ontario’s communities.

Improving Financial Literacy

Meridian has developed a variety of initiatives and programs to improve the financial literacy of Canadians.

Our partnership with SmartSAVER, bizsmarts.ca, Futurpreneur CanadaOwners Wanted and Action Entrepreneurship have given our Members the tools and assistance they need to help them better manage their money and grow their lives.

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Investing in our Communities

Through Meridian’s Good Neighbour Program, we invest a portion of our profits in organizations and activities that benefit Ontario’s communities. In addition to this, our employees and branches invest their time, energy and resources to the local organizations we support.

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Engaging our Employees

Meridian matches employee donations, fundraising efforts and volunteer hours to help support our employees as they help the community and charities that they are passionate about.

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Contributing to a Healthier Environment

As responsible members of our community, we are obligated to help care for it by assessing and minimizing our company’s environmental impact. We are benchmarking our use of energy and materials, and implementing initiatives to improve efficiency and reduce waste. This is an ongoing process, and one that will contribute to healthier communities.

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Supporting a Strong Co-operative Sector

We are actively involved in building a strong co-operative sector in Ontario and across Canada by increasing the awareness and understanding of the advantages of co-operative businesses.

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If you have any questions about Meridian’s Commitment to Communities and our community investment initiatives, please contact: