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Wealth Services

At Meridian, we help you map out a plan to get you where you want to go—with the right mix of investment solutions that best suit your distinct needs.

Wealth Mutual Funds


Diversity is a good place to start because each mutual fund is made up of a portfolio of different securities (for example, stocks and bonds). By diversifying your holdings, you’re not putting all of your money in one place – reducing overall risk.


For the average investor, creating a well-balanced portfolio of individual securities can be very expensive.  Incorporating mutual funds into your portfolio opens up many opportunities since you can participate in a wide array of investments that you may not be able to as an individual.

Professional Management

Mutual funds provide full-time, high quality professional management services by pooling the resources of many hundreds of investors.


Liquidity is another plus, since you can purchase most mutual funds or cash them in with limited penalty (if any) on relatively short notice.

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Socially Responsible Investing

What exactly is SRI? It's a way to invest that offers investors the ability to contribute to the social and environmental efforts being undertaken by many successful companies. It's a good way for people who are interested in issues like biodiversity, workers' rights, and corporate ethics to have a say. But SRI is even more. In many cases, professional SRI money managers actively engage company management and encourage socially responsible policy change.

We’ve partnered with the best

Through our relationship with Credential Asset Management Inc. we can provide you access to investment products from top providers including AGF, Fidelity, NEI Investments & Ethical Funds, Northwest & Ethical Funds, Franklin Templeton, Mackenzie and CI Investments. We’re ready to guide you through your entire investment lifecycle with forward-thinking solutions designed to meet your investment objectives. And unlike most financial institutions, this service is available to all Members no matter how much money you have to invest.

We take out the guesswork

With thousands of mutual funds available, your Meridian Wealth Management Professional has access to a list of recommended funds with options to suit all of your investment needs. Each fund has been carefully reviewed and selected, and the list is evaluated regularly.

Managed Solutions

Investing in managed solutions makes sense because they wrap all the critical aspects of intelligent investing into one, neat package. The benefits include: 
  • Professional management, including a range of investing styles
  • An investment mix that’s automatically rebalanced based on your specific risk levels, as the weighting of individual securities will be automatically adjusted as market conditions change
  • Diversification of holdings to optimize performance and risk in a single solution
  • Affordability – as compared to purchasing individual securities and/or mutual funds
  • Flexibility and liquidity

“Build your life here. Our focus is on helping people like you reach your goals.”

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Qtrade Investor

Qtrade Investor provides online brokerage solutions to the customers of over 180 financial institutions across Canada. Qtrade Investor is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ("CIPF"). CIPF coverage protects the holdings in customer accounts of its members up to $1,000,000 per qualifying account.

Reasons to open an account today:

Market-leading service and support – Qtrade Investor has been rated the #1 online broker in Canada by The Globe and Mail for two consecutive years, and has maintained The Globe’s #1 ranking for outstanding Customer Service since 2002.

  • A full range of investments including stocks, options, and fixed income securities
  • Comprehensive investment tools and research, news, real-time quotes, portfolio watchlists, email alerts and more
  • Advanced trading technology
  • Easy to use, quick reliable website

Qtrade Investor features:

  • Outstanding Service
  • Low Commissions
  • Extensive Research
  • Stock Screeners
  • Technical Analysis
  • Customizable Charting
  • Streaming Quotes
  • Investment Tools
  • Market Commentary
  • Account Performance
  • Managed Portfolios

Speak to a Wealth Advisor to find out what investment solution is right for you