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Time and money saving tips when your luggage goes MIA

After packing and getting up in the middle of the night to fly to your sun destination, you finally arrive bleary eyed and ready to hit the beach. But wait! Where's your luggage? It's taken off to another city without you, leaving you stranded on a Caribbean island without so much as a flip flop. Not exactly how you'd planned on starting off this dream vacation, right? Worry not intrepid traveller. Here are some tried and true suggestions to make the proverbial lemonade, out of what could otherwise be a sour situation.

Plan Ahead and Pack Smart

You're allowed one carry on per passenger- so make them count amigos! Pack your toothbrushes and a travel limit-safe sized toothpaste in case one or more of your suitcases goes astray. We also suggest you pack any meds you can't easily replace in your carry on (imagine trying to replicate your prescription on an island, in another language without any doctor's documentation? No thanks!) Same goes for diapers, formula and other baby essentials that you'd have a hard time replacing if your baggage got diverted.

While you're at it, we also suggest a bathing suit, sandals and a change of clothes for each person in your party. We all know of someone who has had bags go missing and then have to spend upwards of $180 US for three bathing suits, three toothbrushes and one tube of toothpaste at a hotel or resort's gift shop (note: keep your receipts because most airlines will reimburse you for some of, or possibly all of your trouble!). Packing a few essentials to carry on board with you is a good way to avoid that scenario, as well as the accompanying stress and discomfort of having to wear heavy winter wear for days until luggage is recovered.

Divvy Up the Goods

Another solid tip: Never allocate one luggage per person when packing. Instead, divide your family's clothing amongst the suitcases. Why? Because if one goes missing, you've still got clothes in other luggage to tide you over until you either get your suitcase back or buy replacement items. It beats having nothing to wear while you sweat bullets, literally, if you're still wearing Canadian winter clothes in the tropics!
Another suggestion: Leave heirloom pieces of jewellery or other precious-to-you items at home. You'd be heartbroken if those vintage earrings your grandmother gave you went missing in a suitcase. So if you need to take them with you, they should be in your purse or carry on. Otherwise, play it safe and keep them at home.

The Devil's In the Details

Consider making a copy of your key to give to your mom, aunt, best friend, or neighbour. Basically any one you trust in case you lose yours because hey, it happens. Email a scanned copy of your passport to yourself and keep it on file should that get swiped or lost too. And if you're really keen, take a photo of your packed suitcases on your smart phone. Your insurance company will appreciate the effort if your things go missing and you'll have proof of what you packed. For all your travel insurance needs, Meridian has you covered. 
With some forethought and planning, you can make the best of any unforeseen situation because you'd rather be getting your Vitamin Sea than fretting about what to wear or when you're luggage is going to show up, right? Bon voyage!