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Switching small business banking over to Meridian

Addicted Magazine was born from a tiny idea, written in a journal as fact, then held together by the thoughts of what made me happy. Over the years Addicted has morphed into a huge online presence that shares the best of the best. Along with my business partner and best friend Nadia, it’s become our mission to bring our readers a daily dose of what we really love. From amazing skin care to stunning destinations, the latest tech to the best cocktails, we have spent the last four years searching to bring you the amazing things we find.

That search has also included the best in finance; finding solutions to help you grow your savings and educate you on innovative new products and services. And it brought us to Meridian Credit Union.

Several months ago we partnered with Meridian, Ontario’s largest credit union, and in our eyes the best, to learn more about money, and how we can make it work for us. Through sessions and seminars, we have learned about personal banking, mortgages, retirement savings and now, business banking.

We recently moved our entire business banking over to Meridian. Since then we have not only received the highest level of service, but have come to love the way they operate. They have made us feel that we’re part of a family, and that when it comes to growing our business, they have our back.

When we sat down once again with Business Advisor at Meridian, Tyler Foti, he asked us to tell him all about our business, so he could get a sense of what we were looking for. He then walked us through what was involved and what it meant to have your business with Meridian. All this while educating us on some of the benefits of moving our financials to a credit union. Tyler took us through the whole process, outlined the different accounts and once that was taken care of, he also gave us an idea of the suite of products that Meridian also offers for small businesses.

We started off with the Small Business Prosper Plus Account

Here are just a few reasons why: 24/7 account access via in-branch, ABM, POS, online, mobile & telephone banking for the best in Member convenience Unlimited transactions, which if you’re anything like us, you need no limits! Coverdraft Protection available, just to make sure you’re always covered. Business monthly statement are included free of charge, so you can easily stay on top on your finances. There are no monthly fee on Maximiser with Plus Package, (the personal account I have) which means you’re taking care of business and personal all in one.

This account offers everything we needed for a business account which for me includes: One Card for business and personal banking. The ease of not worrying about a slew of cards for me is the greatest. Keep it simple!

The online banking while separate, allows you to transfer money to your personal from your business. Aka if you need to pay yourself, all you have to do it log online of via the app and make it happen.

Really, it’s all the extra’s listed above that offer exactly what you need, when you need it.

The experience, the care, the quality is something that you truly have to experience for yourself. I’ve honestly had such a pleasurable experience in dealing with Meridian, I can’t say enough good things.

From actually speaking with a branch manager via the phone (I know, I had no idea that happened anymore), to the super sweet team at the call-in centre, to my financial advisor Tyler, for the first time, I feel like I’m dealing with family. And when it comes to your money, that’s about the most calming feeling ever.

For more on the business products offered by Meridian Credit Union, visit the Small Business site or Speak to a Meridian Business Advisor.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Meridian Credit Union and Addicted Media Inc. The original content was posted on Mark Munroe’s website