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A personal approach to investing

Investing is personal. So let’s get personal.
Meridian Wealth Advisors are people just like you.

Meet Tyler Wood. He is a Meridian Credit Union Wealth Advisor. He is also a hockey-player and self-described nerd who admits to enjoying Excel formulations and Magic Cards. (We can’t make this stuff up). Once, he climbed a mountain. He’s cool like that.

But when it comes to helping Meridian Members build their Wealth Esteem, Tyler knows all about setting financial goals. Whatever your stage in life, whatever your dreams, reaching those goals starts with a simple conversation with a Meridian Wealth Advisor, just like Tyler.

So, we asked Tyler to explain the basics of Wealth Esteem and how a Meridian Wealth Advisor can help Meridian Members chart a personal course for success – however they define it.

What does a Meridian Wealth Advisor do?
My job is to help people grow and preserve their wealth. It’s that simple. We do that by understanding who you are personally and what you’re looking to accomplish. Then we build a plan that connects the two together.

It’s your life. It’s your money. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

How “personal” is personal?
Very personal. Before I can do anything from a financial perspective, I need to understand you as a person. What are your dreams? What are your goals? And then on the flipside, what are your concerns? What’s keeping you up at night? What do you feel is holding you back from getting to where you want to be?

Once I understand that, on a personal level, then – and only then – can I really get to the point where I can assess the best financial decisions to help you make your goals a reality.

Start where you are and decide where you’re going.

I know I need to save money, but I’m just getting started. Why do I need a Wealth Advisor right now?
A big part of what I do is helping people understand what is realistic and what’s not realistic and tailoring or adjusting different things to help them accomplish their goals.

You talk.  We listen.

And if we don’t speak “finance?”
I think the key thing here is, we want to take a step back from the numbers. We want to take a step back from any judgment too and really try to understand what you want to accomplish with your money. That’s what people want. They want to feel it’s easy. We understand that.

When you walk into your Meridian branch and there’s a welcoming environment and someone is here to help you, I think it really breaks that barrier down.

Be honest about your financial truth. We can handle it.

How do I define my “financial truth”?
Ask yourself a simple question: if I change nothing about my current financial situation, am I going to be okay to buy a house?  Start a family? Travel? Will I be able to do the things I want to do today and still save for my future?

If the answer is no, then you know you have to make a change. That change starts with a conversation with your Meridian Wealth Advisor. A simple assessment will show you your financial truth. That’s where we start. 

Together, we will build a plan to help you control the factors around your financial situation, so you’ll feel more empowered, building that confidence in your financial situation. But it goes beyond finances. When you can relieve your mind from  financial worry, you truly do have peace of mind.

Your plan should be as individual as you are. We get it. We’re individuals too.

Why doesn’t Meridian have a one-size-fits-all investment plan?
It’s such a case by case basis. A realistic debt load for you might be very different from a realistic debt load for someone else. It has to be tailored to your specific situation.

If you want to take a 6-month sabbatical, you’re going to have a very different plan than someone who wants to see their savings grow and build up their RRSP for a down payment using the first-time home buyers plan. You are going to have two very different plans even though you might be living in the same neighbourhood, and are the same age. You could even be best friends.

Our goal is to identify what is priority and how can we allocate your money to the right areas, for the right things, for the right time.

Life happens. We’ll plan for that.

I can’t predict the future. I don’t know where I’ll end up.  What if I change jobs? Change cities? Start a family? How can I plan for what I can’t predict?
Part of that is risk management. My goal, as a Wealth Advisor, is to ensure you’re saving enough, have a budget in place, and know that I am choosing the right funds to manage your risk tolerance. If you can’t sleep at night with the reality of your investments, then it’s not the right investment for you and I need to find something that will complement you.

Now is the time.

Contact a Meridian branch to book an appointment with an Advisor today.

There's value in honesty. Now that you know something about Tyler, let's find out about you.

Tyler WoodMeridian Community Wealth Advisor
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